Inspired by Christy Tomlinson

I really adore Christy Tomlinson's She Art girls on canvas, but I wasn't able to join her online She Art workshop that is taking place now. So, I decided to try my own version of a She Art girl in my art journal.

Obviously, I didn't want to make an exact copy of Christy's She Art girls, so I made up my own girl form. Basically, I wanted a rounder head. And I just winged it for the rest of the girl-form. Just totally experimenting with it. I also adopted some of her techniques from her free online video tutorials for making the backgrounds.

There are definitely some things I'd like to improve on, but I am quite excited by the outcome of my experimentation. Since it's in my art journal, I left space for writing. I tend to include words later, choosing the appropriate background (whichever page is relevant) for the words.

As usual, you can click the image for a larger picture. Thanks for looking!

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  1. hahaha so here is ur kick of the day!!! ..

    awesome journal page .. :)



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