Daily Coursework: Monday

Yay! I did my homework!

I came home after work, prepared a simple dinner, and while the dinner was cooking in the pot, started on my coursework as I had previously planned. Not the best nor the perfect thing but I did something! LOL! It's a background in my art journal, I'll be adding to it later.

It is 2-in-1 homework: 1) done for Monica Zuniga's first lesson on the Free Spirit Mixed Media Workshop and 2) I also kept in mind to use colours, according to the first prompt on Bonita Rose's Color Your World Self-Paced Course that I won at the Heartache No One Sees Blog Hop. (All of which are awesome by the way, so please click on my links to check them out, you won't regret it.)

I want to use more vibrant colours. This piece is not to my satisfaction. Maybe it's the paint I'm using (a basic starter set of acrylics). I'll try my individually purchased tubes of heavy body and artist grade acrylic, maybe tomorrow, to see if there's any difference. I think there will be, because this starter set of acrylics is very thin and watery, almost like water colour consistency and doesn't have the intensity that I want.

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. I love it.. it's still bright.. I love the colors you chose! hugs bonitarose

  2. Lovely colour choice, and the "feel" of it is mag! I've been thinking of joining Moni's class as well, so perhaps I'll see you there!

  3. THanks so much Bonita and B @ Sweet Limes! :D


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