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An art-journal page. I almost bought the Unity flower stamp that looks similar to the pair of "flowers" that I drew here, but decided I should try drawing them myself instead. Done with acrylic paints, india ink and dip pen, watercolour crayons and mists. Not happy with the colours on the flowers though, I thought I should have made them more vibrant. Next time I shall use acrylic only instead of mixing with water colour.

Dollhouse for mini-album storage. While searching for more dollhouse kits, I learnt this one is a cheap, made-in-China copy of a Greenleaf dollhouse. It's been in this state for some time but I still feel it's incomplete ... thinking it lacks something ...

A trio of mini-albums waiting to be filled with photos, titles and journaling ... The left-most one needs additions to the cover, but I don't want to hide the "Life is Good" title, so I'm undecided on what to do.

I work so slowly and I haven't been doing the work for the courses that I'm on! I feel I should be more productive but weekdays are really tiring and I can't do much after a full day of work, even if I've "just been sitting" at the computer all day. I just tend to go with the flow doing things I feel like doing, but next week I plan to assign working on one course homework a day in the evenings. I hope it works out.

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. The flower painting is delightful. I like that it's on the darker side for colours.


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