Some more layouts for MScraps - Ketchup Ketchup on old photos!

Oh-oh - I'm in a funky mood. Need some positive thinking!

Maybe it was because I was sick sick sick and then I fell sick again. I'm also feeling lousy over my "arty-crafty" work. Many things I made didn't seem to cut it. Maybe it's because there were so many deadlines to meet and I was feeling tired.

Nevermind, tomorrow is the start of a new week.

I made 3 more layouts to share.

Photo of my mom, my aunt, my cousin and her baby. So shweeeeet!

Grandma Sewing Box by Janyelle Mayara

I'm digging out old photos to scrap. Ketchup ketchup catch-up time!

Grandma Sewing Box by Janyelle Mayara

Duo (Stripes) by Dunia

Do go look at the stuff the designers are offering at MScraps, so much goodies to play with! And no physical space constraints to deal with (especially good for ambivalent neat-freak hoarders like me!)

Thanks for looking!!
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