"Summer of Colour" - Green Piece #1

My first piece using green for the week 20th to Sunday the 26th.

Done using Inktense blocks for the green background
 and Crayola Twistables (orange)

My journal (a Moleskin copycat from Grandluxe, a local company) is falling apart (I use too much water-based mediums) so I had to use alot of masking tape to try and hold it together, then I decided to use them as part of the "design". Alot of journaling on this one about my week of art journaling attempts, my feelings and reactions to unconstructive/ignorant comments (those people probably don't mean anything bad and I'm just being too sensitive, I know, I'm a harsh critic on myself and it hurts bad when I hear things from outside that reinforce my inside voices).

Crayola Twistables, I discovered last week, they felt like Faber Castel Gelatos but as I experimented, I realised they don't have the same properties. I definitely prefer Gelatos (oh as a side, I love gelato ice cream too! tee hee.)

I spotted a Daker Rowney (or is it Derwent?) mixed-media journal at our local art shop that's made of heavier weight paper, I want to pick that one up, but I'll try making this one work first. This one is a soft sketch book that I picked up as a sort of last minute thing which probably wasn't a good choice in the first place. I initially wanted to use it for just practising my sketching but it evolved into this mixed-media thing.

Thanks for looking!!
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