One Little Word Album: Jan to Jun

Today I got to work on my One Little Word album, which I'm doing on Ali Edwards' year-long workshop. It's finally up to date and just the way I like it.

I'd been keeping up with the journaling content but my album wasn't coming together to my liking. Initially I ran into lots of hitches because I wanted to do it exactly like Ali Edwards. I'm such a fan-girl and I wanted my album to be exactly the way she's doing hers but alas, I'm not AE at all. I finally got round to picking up a discounted Pink Paisley album and this is the result. It follows all the prompts from the workshop but done in my way.

I'm pretty happy and comfy with it and can envision myself carrying on with it till the end of the year.

An interesting thing about One Little Word: as the year went on, things developed in unexpected ways. I chose the word Restore and my focus was primarily health (physical, mental and emotional well-being), but it was interesting, how I ended up restoring and renewing myself via expressing myself through creative work. And I never would have seen it that way, if I had not done One Little Word and taken time to reflect or focus on it. To understand what One Little Word is, I suggest you just head to the link I provided. Ali Edwards is better at explaining it.

Anyway, tonight I did an experiment. The main reason I don't share my non-digital work is that I find it hard to photograph them. I don't have good natural or artificial light at my current home. Thus the photos never turn out good. Nonetheless, I'm keen to share this album because I'm so excited about the progress I made, so I gave it a shot tonight with some adjustments to my camera and the set up.

The Inside Cover

January Page

February Page

March Page

May Page
(no April, because the journaling is personal,
 so you just get a glimpse)

June Page

Now I'm all ready to get focussed on July.

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