The Summer of Color - YELLOW

Another simple one for this week. Too tired!

I first tried to make a sunset and also tried to draw in a boat, but failed miserably with the boat, so I stuck on the cut out model from a Desigual catalogue.

Done with Pan Pastels and Pastel Chalks,
 electric lines done with Neocolor 1

Off to bed so I can carry on working again tomorrow!

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  1. Well I think it's beautiful for sure! I wanted to see the boat:(!

  2. beautiful...i love the colors in your

  3. What a great page! I love the sentiment and the squiggle lines - and am so excited to ask - how do you use your Neocolor 1?? I accidentally bought a few and don't know what to do with them as they do not blend with water. Any tips? Love what you have done here, thank you! xo


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