Summer of Colour: Brown

My attempt for Twinkle Twinkle Summer of Colour theme this week, which is brown. I looked at various pictures of mushrooms to do this one and then just started on the sketch based on my memory. It's a technique I read in Carla Sonheim's book, Drawing Lab.

Shall we just call this piece an impressionist-style sketch?

I intentionally left the scan of my sketch book uncropped. It felt necessary to give you a sense of the borders of the sketch.

Done with Inktense for background,
water soluble wax pastels and plain old kiddy
oil pastel for the sketches

© Copyright Aichaku. All rights reserved.


  1. I really like these sketches - you've achieved great tone and depth with those pastels.

  2. really pretty sketches, love the rich browns!

  3. Lovely sketches! From a confessed brown hater!

  4. Love your sketches.Mushrooms are one that I like to do too.You can make them look real or enchanting(for fairies that is.)Denise

  5. That is great! I love the idea of drawing from memory after scanning several - and your Impressionistic style is just beautiful - lovely strokes and colors and great idea for subject matter - thank you for sharing this with us, xo


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