Summer of Colour: Orange

This week's Summer of Colour theme is Orange. I had a hard time thinking of something to do (not a colour I usually use), then I went for my pastel class on Saturday and a project presented itself! (I hope it's not considered "cheating", but I'm submitting this. There's lots of orange in this, peachy orange counts right?

Am I too perverted? I happen to think these pears
look so much like little buttocks. Don't they?

Teacher told me my outlines are too harsh. I agree. I didn't correct them yet though.

Wow I felt the time pressure of over committing myself this week! But now I have a tonne of scheduled posts and I feel soooooo satisfied. Masochistic much?

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  1. Loving your amazing pastels, pear trio!!
    ...and the first one does look like a little bottom!! LOL:)
    a beautiful orangey (pear)creation :)

  2. does look like a bottom..but its great tho...makes it the background

  3. Haha just three little bottoms all in a row.
    They are good pears though and love that orange.

  4. The orange you used makes the color seem so gentle and relaxing. Very nice!

  5. I think they are perfect! What a cool idea for orange - they are warm, soft and pretty. Thank you for sharing them with us ;) xo

  6. Beautiful pears in peach, loving them. Annette x

  7. I actually really like the outlines. They are bold, yet subtle! Really nice pear bottoms!!!

  8. I like them, they are great - bottoms or not! *lol* I didn't notice before you said it, but you are right. The first one really does a little! Fun! :-))

  9. I think your pastel is so nice...I like the outlines they make definition as is my fav fruit...after cherries...

  10. I like this piece outlines and everything.


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