Best Buds Forever - Profile Couture Collab With Craft-tastrophic Designs

Best Buds Forever is a new release at With Love Studio and a totally adorable kit. I loved working with it, though sadly, it will be my last layout for With Love Studio. I had a relapse in a long-term illness and wasn't able to work well at all. I had to make a difficult decision to quit my CTs so that I do not put the shops and designers in a bad position by not contributing well.

Here's my layout for the kit. I'm so glad it's such a happy layout. I am remaining on only ONE shop CT and that is the shop that took me in as my first CT job - it's MScraps. I also look forward to slowly developing my other priorities, more to do with my personal desires, such as trying to start up a small handicraft business and also working on my art. I need the time to practice and meditate on my drawings and mixed media dabblings. I will share some as I go along.

Best Buds Forever 

by Profile Couture Collab With Craft-tastrophic Designs

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