Another Crafting Weekend

It's been one of those weekends where I crafted but felt dissatisfied with the results.

On Saturday evening, after a serious writing workshop in the afternoon, I took out the Echo Park Happy Days Collection Kit that I purchased and started making an album. I wanted to make an album using a die cut shape as a test. On top of that, I wanted to try using up the entire collection of items within one project. It's impossible. Besides not being able to finish up everything, I also found a duplicate purchase. Frustrating. Goes to show scrapbooking items actually go a long way!

Here's the resulting album. I think in the next album of this shape, I will punch the zutter holes differently. I also got some feedback from E and incorporated some decoration on the banner on the cover as well as hanging the embellishments on the spine as a "charm".  Let me know what you think?

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  1. Love your mini album!!!! So nice!!!! Love your idea of using the die shape as album shape and E's idea of using the chipboard shapes to make embellishments!!!! Super nice!!!

  2. thanks Carol!!! inspired by all of you!!

  3. Ah ha ! I think I heard my E's lol
    Well done Karen, and I also see you "took" my advised for inking the edges and it looks a lot more "pro" haha

  4. Lovely! Love your album a lot! Well done Ka Ren!

  5. Wow! Looks awesome. That is a lot of cutting and pasting! :)

    P/s: Would you consider turning off word verification? I have it turned off and have no problem with spam. This is my 3rd attempt at trying to leave you a comment.

  6. haha yes elaine, i learn not to be lazy must do it!
    thanks much michelle!
    will try turning it off, yvonne. thanks for the feedback!

  7. Love the bracket shape mini album, beautifully decorated and the patterned papers are gorgeous. Instead of binder wire, maybe you can opt for binder ring for easier flipping.
    Heaney xx

  8. hi paperpapier! thanks for the tip. it's not that hard to flip though, and i wanted a sturdier binding so i chose the binder wire. but on hindsight, i shouldn't have tried to stuff so many pages into the album! ^_^


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