Happy Crafty Going-ons

Hi everyone, I've been busy with some crafty things!

Chinese New Year is almost upon us. I don't celebrate it in a big way, even though I'm Chinese, but I do carry out some "traditions" like changing up the home decor with new curtains, new sheets etc and spring cleaning (some, haha!!)

One new thing I did this year is learn how to make traditional pastries. A dear friend L kindly opened up her house and offered to teach a group of us.

I was happily grating pineapples, stirring the pot (hard work!) and wrapping the pineapple tarts.

Made from scratch pineapple filling.

I think this shape is called "Fortune Pillow" or something like that. haha.

We made biscuits too.

And a cake.

Several days ago, a couple of us from the same group got together to make lanterns too. From traditional red packets. So crafty isn't it! Thank you J for teaching us and L for sharing the embellishments!

On top of that, besides MAAD, we also attended a new flea market venue this month, at Public Garden. It was great meeting new customers and there were a few regulars who came to visit us at this venue too. I'm always so gratified when people like my designs and purchase them. And always happy to have customers coming to us for scrapbook/craft supplies, tips and a chat!

And now we are preparing for MAAD on 1 Feb. I do hope to see you there! I'm going to work on putting up more handmade items.

My cousin had a new baby and I made him a thick book. She decided she's using it for Haedyn's first month (a traditional Chinese celebration for baby) and baptism party. It's so thick I'm going to just show a few pages.

I'm going to be busy making some decorations for his party! So I'm off to do more crafty stuff! Have a great weekend ahead!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

If you see anything you like and want it in a different colour, theme, wordings or with other customisations, let me know, either in the comment or via email to aichaku.creates@gmail.com. I'll do my best to make something special for you!

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  1. Thanks u for the book!! It's so lovely, as always :) looking forward your next flea! And ooooh i wanna stuff my face with pineapple tarts!

    Love - the cousin who just had a new baby :)

  2. Aaah! So many typos in my last comment! Ah well, as long as u get the message :) see ya next week!!!

  3. such a cute lantern! and I love the colors you used for the book, you have a good eye for colour!


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