Colouring Sheet/Digital Stamp Dedicated to the Sewol Ferry Disaster

Unky Lastrange created this image in dedication to the Sewol Ferry Disaster (Verdict How the Disaster Unfolded, report from BBC). Several years on, the parents who lost their children continue to seek answers (Sewol Ferry Disaster Demands for Answers Go On (BBC)) and there is an ongoing petition for an independent enquiry into the accident (Sewol Truth, Petition).

Unky Lastrange is offering this as a digital image for colouring to raise awareness and participation in the petition. If you would like to join in this effort, you can contact her at or PM her at her FB page

This is my interpretation of the image, I used blue to signify the water and mostly greys and blacks for the mourning woman. The tiger, I tried to make him fierce, for the feeling of anger and quest for justice. I hope you find some time to look at the petition and contact Unky if you'd like to colour up the image too.

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