First Portrait Painting

I am expecting a friend to come over for a visit to this blog. So I decided to post this as she had expressed interest in taking a look at it.

I started to have a desire to draw, sometime in November last year I think and I started to try making stylised portraits sometime early this year.

This is my first attempt at drawing and painting a stylised portrait. It is a pencil drawing done on thick water-colour paper (non-cold pressed) that I painted over with acrylic paint. Oh and I forgot, I also coloured over some parts with colour pencil. I have not done anymore painting but I am still trying to find my way in drawing portraits. I want to learn how to draw whimsical and moody girls.

Obviously there's lots of room for improvement Please do not be too harsh on me, as I am self-taught and learning mainly from looking at works and youtube tutorials of artists I admire. I will take your constructive criticism and advise on how to improve of course. :D

I do intend to take up some classes and purchase some lessons soon. Then hopefully, I can do a better job.

I apologise for the glare in the picture. I haven't had time to take pictures and on that day when I was rushing to photograph my stuff, the sunlight chose to shine in brightly! I couldn't find another spot with good lighting. So I decided to just go with it.

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  1. Hi swamynathan, thanks for your encouragement! :D It means alot to me. :D


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