New Products at Memory Scraps 20% Off


I'm so thankful it's Friday as I've had a very busy and tiring week! But I'm not complaining. I'm feeling very blessed and lucky to have so many wonderful things happening this week.

I adopted a precious 2 year-old kitty (a Siamese cross breed) from our local SPCA. I was rushing about settling the adoption and bringing her home. Everyone at home is now loving her (despite initial hesitance).

On top of that, I was also busy, working happily for the release of new digital scrapbooking products at Memory Scraps! I feel so blessed and lucky to be in the New Release Design Team there. I get to work with the wonderful products that the talented designers put out week after week!!

I'm not just paying lip service to this, because, get this: I made a total of 7 layouts this week based on the products from Mscraps. I'm so inspired by everything there I couldn't help myself but wanted to keep making layouts! LOL!! I ought to have a good laugh at myself for being such a fangirl, huh? Keke.

So, all the new products at Mscraps are at 20% off from Friday through Sunday.  

And, here are the 7 layouts I made, with links to the new Mscraps digi products that I used. Each product has a tonne of stuff inside, and I can't manage to use everything in a layout. Very worthwhile getting, I was a customer at Mscraps before too, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is. :D

As usual, click the pictures to enlarge.


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