Trying to do more with GIMP

I am now trying to do more with GIMP. It works differently from Photoshop in several ways. I found GIMP hard initially because I was using CS4 previously.

For example, I signed up for a free class on Big Picture Scrapbooking, "Scrapbooking with a Digital Template", and found that the instructions for clipping something to a mask is different in GIMP compared to PS.

Here's the layout I did using the template provided in the class. I changed up the sizes of some masks and used a freebie digital kit I picked up from MScraps. That's my son at a ski resort in 2009.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally learn to do it in GIMP because I like using templates as a way to quickly fit in many photos when I'm working on an album.

I also fooled around again with the layout on my blog, made a new header and some buttons. Still working on this, because I'm not happy with the sidebar. If you have any ideas, let me know, I'd be grateful for your inputs and tips.

I'm not up to writing much these days, something I find I'm not able to overcome. Writing for this blog is harder than writing for my beauty blog, which I've left fallow for some time.

In any case, thanks for visiting and leave me a message (if you are so inclined). I'd love to hear from you. :D

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