In the Sun: Prompts #3 to #5

I did some catching up on In the Sun e-course prompts this weekend.

This page combines Prompt #3 and #4. As we don't have the four seasons here, instead of talking about summer, I am just making this a generic "goals" page for the rest of the year. This page used water soluble wax pastels, tissue from 7Gypsies and stamps. I used too little gel medium, I think, because the tissue is not as translucent as I thought it would be.

Technique : Tissue Paper & Gel Medium

THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011Prompt : I want my Summer to be full of...

The next page is for Prompt #5, using stamps, water soluble wax pastels and a manuscript pen with India Ink for the writing and doodles.

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011Prompt : Alter-Ego

I'm enjoying the prompts. Can't wait for next week!

Thanks for looking!!

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