One "Failed" Piece from this week - Total Ugh

Just to show you one of the pieces I was working on that I felt wasn't working at all.

Background using a DWCV pattern paper 
(used it to rescue my "broken" page... falling apart journal) 
Painted over with acrylic and gesso mix, tried writing on it, 
tried stenciling (fail - no image at all - see right side)
total URGH!

Reminder to myself:

It's an art journal! It's supposed to be for playing and experimenting. God knows we are NOT trying to make works of art here. Why pressure yourself so much to be technically correct and execute "art" according to what other people perceive "art" to be? You're just cramping yourself. Ignore the voices and just do it.

Thanks for looking!!
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  1. Exactly! Art shouldn't be pressured to be perfect. It should be about learning and growing. Love your painting.

  2. My sentiments exactly! :)

  3. Excellent advice, but always hard to heed! :)


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