She Had Three Hearts

I've mentioned before I'm doing an online course,  She Had 3 Hearts Workshop, conducted by Christy Tomlinson. I've been working on my pages for the class and adding things bit by bit. I'm such a slow poke. I tend to do it in stages and I also think-think-think about this and that. So I only have a few pages to show right now. 

I would love to hear your critique: Anything to add/improve/do differently? Some of these feel incomplete to me, though I've decided I'm not going to add "word-journaling" and let the imagery speak for themselves.

Also, just to give the proper credits, a few of the images that I used are from The Graphics Fairy. Eventually, I'd love to be able to draw my own girls in these sort of pages.

© Copyright Aichaku. All rights reserved.


  1. Love them!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Lovely. I particularly like the 3rd and 4th!

  3. Boy! if we don't think alike. My friends at my scrapbook club say I work slow, but they tell me they allway like what I do. I allways think alot before I put my pages together. Even though our theacher Sandy has her exemple for us. I like to change them some what to make them my own. they allways laugh at me Because I think long and hard evry time I work on something. You have a wonderful style. I realy like every thing youv'e done, that I seen so far.
    Keep up the good work. Your doing great!

    P.S. Nomatter how long it takes!


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