Weekend Fun with Art

I attended a Pastel Art Workshop today. It was the first lesson of a free 4-session workshop for beginners, organised by the National Library Board. I had to buy a set of art materials (since I didn't have the correct items that were required) but it was affordable. Now I've got a huge board for an easel and also a nice set of pastels, plus several pieces of onion paper and huge pieces of pastel paper. There were some students who had their own materials so that was ok too.

The teacher is a Malaysian-born professional artist who also teaches at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (and some other places but I can't remember where). I was very nervous because I'm obviously not professionally trained in anything but in the end it turned out fine and I started to relax and just freely practise.

The teacher's very easy-going and also gave many good tips for making the drawing better. I liked watching her demonstrate how to improve my practice piece for today. I also had a nice partner seated next to me. She's trained at LASALLE College of the Arts, and she also gave me good tips!

Here's my first pastel art drawing! The teacher said I had my own style of doing the pastel drawing. I hope it means that my way of drawing is unique and it's not just a nicer way of saying my drawing is bad. LOL!! Obviously lots to improve on, so I will continue practising.

Last night I made some backgrounds for How to Paint an Owl class. Feel like making more paintings! Can't wait to start on adding in the owls. 

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  1. I love your first pastel. I need to get me some of those! Can't wait to see your owls too!


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