Aichaku Creates Art Shop

I would like to share with you my latest project!

It's an online shop for my art and craft projects, where you'll be assured that you can purchase the One-of-a-Kind piece.

You can click this SHOP icon at the right bar:

And you will be brought to the store that looks like this:

Shop at Aichaku Creates

Just click on the items and you will see BUY. You can purchase from there. Or you can email me to purchase.

If you like what you see, consider picking up a few pieces of unique art pieces for your Christmas gifts. And please share my shop information with your friends and family if you can!

It'll mean so much to me that my work is going to places where they will be loved and appreciated.

If you have any problems with the store, please let me know too. I'm always seeking to improve and would love to hear your feedback.

I will also accept local bank transfers and email orders for Singapore buyers.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
© Copyright Aichaku. All rights reserved.

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