Sunday, 24 February 2013

Project Life Continues

Last week I had some time with the long Chinese New Year weekend, so I made many layouts! I'm trying to document more of daily life especially with my cats and my Project Life pages. Really liking what I did, do you?

I'm in love full kit and alpha by Camomile Designs
Easy to Start Vol.18 by Camomile Designs

Kit Exposed by ninigoesdigi
Easy to Start Vol.2 by Camomile Designs

Just a new beginning full kit by Angelle Design
Project 365 Templates Set #2 by Lilach Oren
Label Yourself Alpha by Cornelia Designs

Kit Exposed by ninigoesdigi
Protect Me 2 by Cornelia Designs

I'm in love full kit and alpha by Camomile Designs
Protect Me 2 by Cornelia Designs

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  1. great pages, Karen!!
    wanna try ginger tea instead? I make mine with stevia as a sweetener, few drops of lemon juice, and I found that cinnamon gives it a nice touch as well

  2. thanks Romy! yes, i should give that a try. ginger will help with my irritable digestive system too.

  3. love the first two, the amount of blank space really enhances the images!


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