Getting forgetful and distracted, so I made a planner

I bought a A5 size binder from the local $2 store, Daiso and decorated it.
A few days ago, I forced myself to create and customise my own "Filofax" planner/binder, using free printables and my scrapbook papers. I need to customise because I usually find the ready-made ones annoying for various reasons and never follow-through with using them regularly.

These days I've got to open my planner regularly to pep-talk myself with the motivational mini "posters" that I stuck inside it, remind myself of my loooooong to-do list (go down the list and tick things as done so as not to get distracted) and put in papers for references. 

The to-do list. I made labels with my label maker and metallic paper. 

Free printable monthly calendar.
April is almost over so I didn't bother to fill in the items from early part of this month.
A place to store papers.
This is a little too large for my binder, but it will do for now till I find one of a better size.

Didn't use to need a planner in the past. Maybe it's a sign of the times.

So far, I've been pretty happy with it. Must be conscientious to keep using it.

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