Plushie Obsessions: Needle Felted Valentine Editions

I rue the day I discovered Tokyo Otaku Mode ... actually, not really. However, I must admit I am spending way too much there and planning to spend more.

My primary merchandise-of-interest is plushies. TOM's collection of dolls-for-sale is limited. I hope they stock more varieties in future. 

The popular plushies sell out quite fast. I missed the chance to get some cute plushies. To satisfy my insatiable craving for cute and pretty things, I made some "bootleg" versions.

Here, I present needle-felted Rabbi Dango, Valentine's Edition Plushie by AichakuCreatura, inspired by Sakura Rabbi Dango Plushie.

Next, my alpacasso obsession continues. I want this Candy Sweet Kids collection so bad, but I can't find it for sale any more.

Thus presenting, needle-felted Candy Sweet Pinky Alpaca by AichakuCreatura. Need to make the mini cake for the collar.

By the way, you'll receive $5 TOM Points to the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop when you register there. And I'll get points, if you register through my link. Help me! Feed my plushie and doll addiction!

Okie! I'm off to make more pretty things!! Have a great day!!

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If you see anything you like and want it in a different colour, theme, wording or with other customisation, let me know, either in the comment or via email to I'll do my best to make something special for you!
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  1. Hi honey I have done some needle felting I loved it! its just fitting all my creative hobbies in lol
    I LOVE the Alpaca's so sweet!
    Big hugs Kay
    Love Janice


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