Take Time To Make Some Beauty In Your Life

Hi all! What are you doing today? Why not do some colouring? Scientists say colouring is therapeutic and I say a little more beauty in our lives doesn't hurt! Colour up Aurora "Floral Kiss" (buy it at a special price now, at USD$2) and enter your colouring in The East Wind's Facebook 1-15 July Colouring Contest for a chance to win some prizes.

Here's my inspiration project. Hope it inspires you to make some art!

Coloured with Copics

You can buy the image for the special price of $2 USD in the Etsy shop during this period. 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
If you see anything you like and want it in a different colour, theme, wording or with other customisation, let me know, either in the comment or via email to aichaku.creates@gmail.com. I'll do my best to make something special for you!
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  1. Wow. Your coloring is amazing! You are truly talented!!!


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